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Vocational Activities
People come with their dream to our door;we tailor services to help them knit dream to action.We provide vocational trainings to needy according to their needs. We have vocational training courses like softl spoken skills, stiching, computer skills etc. Read More
Child Eduction
We have our team of social workers who understand the needs of orphaned and abandoned children and look after their welfare and development including quality education. Apart from this, we provide nourishment, clothing and shelter to the needy ones. Read More
Old Age Care
Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. This is the philosophy followed by Sugam Ngo.Our main aim is to protect all and help them as much as we can. Read More
Brief Profiles of Our Core Team

Monika Sharma
Monika Sharma is a Graduate from Delhi University in Business Studies and Social Work. She is an active social reformer an has undertaken many projects towards development of Girl child, their Education and providing vocational training to underprivileged women by offering courses like tailoring, beauty parlour course etc.She is also a member of Women Cell in Gurgaon. She firmly believes in Family values and right upbringing. Her vision in life is to serve poor and needy through the channel of Quality Education.

Ritu Pandey
Ritu Pandey is an entrepreneur with diverse interests. She looks after Old Age home in Dwarka and has initiated many programs towards upliftment and development of Orphans and Senior citizens. She is well networked and has travelled extensively around the world. She believes in putting back Smile on everyone’s face who ever she interacts with.

Retika Kapur
Retika Kapur is an Academician with excellent track record in Education field. She is a trained Counsellor and ex Mayoite.She is very attached to young Kids and has introduced many innovative programs contributing to overall personality of Young kids. Her passion for teaching and young kids has encouraged her to actively participate in Social initiative programs for underprivileged young Children.

Dr Sanjog Lata
Dr Sanjog Lata is a Yoga trainer and therapist for last 15 years. She is an active social reformer and holds many camps related to Health issues .She is also holds a degree in Acupressure and her patients have benefitted from her treatment. Her calm and composed nature has won her many followers from all walks of life .She holds a Doctorate degree in Yoga and Acupressure.

Rajiv Sharma
Rajiv Sharma is an entrepreneur by profession .His positive approach and simplicity in life motivates him to influence people in the right direction towards the path of Success and Achievement. He firmly believes in giving back to the Society through generous means by sponsoring and supporting NGO’s both financially and by actively involving himself in their programs as time permits him. He holds a Masters degree in Management from Delhi University.

Meenakshi is an Academician with keen interest in Cultural activities. She holds post graduate degree from Delhi University. She is regular contributor in Newspapers with relate to women and Children issues. She is actively involved in Press and has been a part of Women cell in Gurgaon.

Saritha Chittal
Saritha Chittal is an Academician and Entrepreneur. She has excellent track record in both Academics and Corporate sector. She is on Board of Director of Educational Institutions. She holds a Mphil  Degree in Economics and Holds a record of being a double Gold medalist In B.A as well as M.A in Economics from Pune University.