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Vocational Activities
People come with their dream to our door;we tailor services to help them knit dream to action.We provide vocational trainings to needy according to their needs. We have vocational training courses like softl spoken skills, stiching, computer skills etc. Read More
Child Eduction
We have our team of social workers who understand the needs of orphaned and abandoned children and look after their welfare and development including quality education. Apart from this, we provide nourishment, clothing and shelter to the needy ones. Read More
Old Age Care
Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. This is the philosophy followed by Sugam Ngo.Our main aim is to protect all and help them as much as we can. Read More
Sponsor a Child

What is child sponsorship?

  • It is you giving a child a future
  • It is you helping to reduce illiteracy
  • It is you increasing the quality of life of an unprivileged child.


  • Because every child has the right to education, but often insufficient funds block a child from being educated.
    Because you will help dreams come true.
  • Because every 10 minutes a child drops out of school and the future of another Indian will be smashed! The reason: lack of funds!
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