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Vocational Activities
People come with their dream to our door;we tailor services to help them knit dream to action.We provide vocational trainings to needy according to their needs. We have vocational training courses like softl spoken skills, stiching, computer skills etc. Read More
Child Eduction
We have our team of social workers who understand the needs of orphaned and abandoned children and look after their welfare and development including quality education. Apart from this, we provide nourishment, clothing and shelter to the needy ones. Read More
Old Age Care
Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. This is the philosophy followed by Sugam Ngo.Our main aim is to protect all and help them as much as we can. Read More
Health Care

Medical is a center point on where through physical examination verities of tests with find the problem of the disease of any age and any type of people. This organization have arranged several medical treat by its arranging camps in different areas with awaring the public on the different problem of disease and its treatment.

According to the World Health Organization 900,000 and more Indians die each year from drinking contaminated water and breathing in polluted air . As India grapples with these basic issues, new challenges are emerging for example there is a rise in chronic adult diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes as a consequence of changing lifestyles .There are vast disparities in people’s health even among the different states across the country largely attributed to the resource allocation by the state governments where some states have been more successful than others. Better efforts are needed by the local governments to ensure that the health services provided are actually reaching the poor in worst-affected areas.

health camp

The persistence of hunger and abject poverty in India and other parts of the world is due in large measure to the subjugation, marginalization and disempowerment of women. Women suffer from hunger and poverty in greater numbers and to a great degree then men. Females receive less health care than males in India. Many women die in childbirth of easily prevented complications. Working conditions and environmental pollution further impairs women's health.

Sugam NGO is the responsibility of constituent for the awareness on the health or the medical in the states and territories of India. The purpose of this organization is rising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health.

We totally believe in saying that Health is wealth. Therefore, we enthusiastically engaged in providing the services related to Health through our Health Care Campaign. We are providing health assistance to the deprived class of the society who is affected by leprosy, HIV /AIDS, blindness, tuberculosis, malaria and many other health conditions. We have started providing health assistance through our Health Care Programmes from rural areas. As health is wealth, so good health plays significant role in everyone’s life, and its also the right of every citizen, thus we organize many medical camps under our Health Care Campaign. The people who are not able to get appropriate treatment for their ailments, we provide them proper medications as well.